rhinoskin back brace

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Different types of pack pain fall under the list of top 10 diseases causing permanent or temporary disability. Among all types of back pain, lower back pain is the most common and most hurting as well.

The disability has long-term effects on the normal life of people and how they commute around. However, back bracing has proven to be a robust discovery that works as a long-lasting relief for patients suffering from varying lower back pain.

Here is the story of Mark Ramirez in his own words about how he prevented his 14-year long back pain by using a back brace.

rhinoskin back brace

Hi, I am Mark Ramirez, and I am a graphic designer by profession. I belong to Akron, Ohio, and also reside in the same place. Right now, I’m in my thirties, rather, early thirties. Being a full-time employee at a reputable company, I have to comply with the 9 to 5 timings for earning income. However, I am given two days a week to work from home as my work is more oriented to creativity.

Cutting back to my suffering, I had been suffering from lumbar pain since my graduation years. I was a teen then, and pursuing my graphic designing degree, I couldn’t relate the pain to any serious problem. For me, it was just because I was spending more time on the computer, so back pain was due to long working hours and my posture.

I graduated from my university with a degree, and my job search started. I opted different temporary job but would leave after a few times due to varying reasons. However, one reason was episodes of the lower back pain I used to have affected my workability. I was fortunate enough to land the job of graphic designer at a reputable organization. It was what I always dreamt of. But the next problem I had to face was my pain.

I got a check-up from a general physician. Relating to the history of my work routine, he suggested using ointment and work on my posture. Obviously, he miscalculated, but I never knew neither does he. On following my doctor’s medication, I felt my pain was just gone. I was enthusiastic about my new job and was, of course, working passionately.

Six months went by without any problem, and I had pretty much overcome the problem of back pain. However, the shorter and less intense episodes of back pain started to resurface. It started impacting my work performance negatively, and I was far behind my very stressful targets. After the annual appraisal, I was quite depressed about my situation and re-emerging back pain.

I shared it with my spouse, who also got disturbed by my situation. Until one day I got hit by a car. It was nothing serious as the car was not heading at a higher speed, and I acted promptly. But I had to go through a detailed medical examination. In the medical examination, it was found that I had an old compression fracture in my 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertebra.

As doctors suggested, it was due to a childhood injury that caused to collapse of my vertebrae by 30%. The consequences were that bio-mechanics of my spine was permanently changed, leaving me with moderate arthritis in my 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebra. It was a big shock for me as well as my family. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I was quite devastated at this news.

The episodes of lower back pain were becoming intense. In fact, one such episode was so intense that I stayed unconscious for around a day. I was continually medicated by the doctors, and I was also trying to cure my pain by doing yoga poses, many other types of exercises and I even put a pillow on my back while sleeping because the pain was unbearable! My chiropractor was decompressing the facet joints and behind the discs to help me relieve the pressure put on my lumbar vertebrae. However, she also suggested me using the lumbar belt to cure the pain and reduce the pressure.

During my research for a lumbar belt to relieve the lower back pain, I got lucky to came across RHINOSKIN back brace. I checked the testimonials, functioning of the belt to relieve pain and the other options. In consultation with my chiropractor, he approved of the back brace. I started using the RHINOSKIN Back Brace, and I am very pleased to tell you that it has completely transformed my frustrated and helpless life.

rhinoskin back brace

I often wonder that I had forgotten to live a healthy life with no medical problem for ages. Since then, I have married RHINOSKIN back brace. With the regular use of the belt, I became at peace, and my back pain got relieved by 100% more efficacy than any other treatment I had ever adopted.

Above all, I am leading a healthy and happy life. I usually had a bad mood and anger issues due to the stress and my back pain which has gone forever now. More specifically, my family and my wife are very thankful to my chiropractor and RHINOSKIN back brace. Our family life is more at peace now. Besides, my workplace performance has also improved because I am able to concentrate on my designs instead of the intriguing lower back pain.

rhinoskin back brace