Along with our vast line of custom guard booths, Panel Built offers a standardized, quick-ship version of guard booths. Panel Built Guard booths are innately stronger than traditional because each individual section is designed to withstand the stress of transportation and assembly. The Booths are also forkliftable for ease of relocation. Our guard booths and guard shacks are used to protect individuals and employees at government and military installations, airports, theme parks, stadiums, manufacturing facilities, border crossings, fueling stations, and much more.
Our prefabricated manufacturing process starts with construction of the base frame. This is what your building will be permanently anchored to. As a result, we feel the base frame is the most important structural feature of your Guard Shack, Guard Booth or Guard House. This is why we construct the base frame with heavy high grade stainless steel. This design allows for safe lifting and moving without the fear of the building tipping or sliding in any direction. No other competitor provides this frame as a standard feature. As a result, you will have a base frame that is designed to meet the structural loads of your environment combined with safe lifting and moving capabilities.

Computer keyboard tray
LED Light
Electrical control box
Sockets and switches
SIZE: 2 x 2 x 2.4m